Walk in lasting Confidence, CRUSH fear, live at REST
Because you're tired of insecurity and anxiety holding you back from living your God sized dreams...
What would it feel like to?...
  •  Walk into any room UNAFRAID and comfortable in your own skin
  •  CUT OUT the negative chatter in your head
  •   STOP the comparison game in it's tracks  
  •  Finally OVERCOME poor body image 
  •  Rekindle the VIVACIOUS, alive, and confident woman you are at your core
  •  Take RISKS without fear of failure, success, or the unknown
  •  CUT OFF toxic relationships that have been dragging you down . . . and do it in a graceful yet totally firm way
  • LET GO of shame, guilt and feelings of unworthiness
  •  Live BOLDLY in peace and at rest IN CHRIST
  •  GET OFF the wheel of anxiety and unrest
  •  COMMUNICATE effectively and easily with others (even if you're an introvert) 

It's all possible inside Calm & Confident! 
Join me on the journey!

What makes Lindsey's courses different compared to others is that each module built on each other and the take-aways made such a great impact on me and was (and still is life changing). I love that we have lifetime access to the course because I can and will go back over it.

Lindsey Nadler’s teaching style is relatable, practical, powerful, and life-changing. The Lord has anointed her to teach this course.

I learned that, at the cross, He empowered us to walk uprightly and with confidence! (Period. End of story!). As we dove into the Word, it was pointed out the why, how, and without question to passionately walk it out and see how differently life would look.

Ann Krebs-Blogger & Esthetician  

So who is this Lindsey person anyway? 
Why I do what I do...
I'm Lindsey, founder of the Passionista Community and I empower women to cultivate a life of passion and step into their God-given gifts. Passion is everything. It's what I'm about and it's what I teach in my online courses and group coaching experiences.

I believe in real talk, loud music, ripped jeans, and the goodness of God. I know deep inside each of us there is strength waiting to be tapped into and that life is meant to be lived wildly alive and FREE. 

I come from the school of hard knocks (more on that later) and over the past decade I've ministered to hundreds of women from all walks of life. It's been my honor to help them find themselves by finding a deeper relationship with God. 

My calling in life is and has always been about empowering women and seeing them step into what God has for them. Over the years, the assignment has changed (I've worked as a police officer, a health & fitness coach, personal trainer, founder and director of a non profit, life coach and business owner) but the calling remains the same. Always back to one thing... empowerment. Oh, and just so you know, that isn't a word to be afraid of :) Trust me, it's allowed ;)

Most days you can find me with my nose in a book, journaling, with my fur babies at my feet--or riding in my jeep with the tops off, wind in my hair, music blaring. I'm an introvert at heart and love to relax at home with my husband Rich. I'm a worship leader, songwriter, thought provoker, book nerd, occasional preacher, and champion for women.

My challenge to you and to myself is to be a woman that changes the world with her life. Not necessarily in doing but in being. God is calling us to be something powerful, beautiful and rare; a strong passionate woman making an impact through her God-given gifts. That's what my mission and my life has been all about and for the past decade I've been helping women do exactly that. Let the concepts I teach, inspire you to chase after what you were born for and give you the courage to live it out. 

I can't wait to coach you on this journey! 

Passion is Everything,

Heres What You'll Get Inside Calm & Confident...
FOUR Powerful Video Modules: 
I’m taking everything I’ve learned through my journey of transformation in the fields of fitness and law enforcement, business, plus my years as a worship leader, my time spent running a non-profit dedicated to helping women break FREE from the sex-trafficking industry, and the words that God has spoken directly into my life, to craft FOUR Modules for you that will help you embrace the calm and confident woman you truly are in Christ! 

Lifetime access course on Kajabi: 
Kajabi is the online learning platform I’ll use to share each powerful module in the program with you. You’ll be able to watch and review the resources IN YOUR OWN TIME, and you’ll have lifetime access to the course (including any updates and bonuses) even after our time together comes to an end. Inside this platform you will find  all of your video teachings, workbooks, and PDF's  in one easy to access place. 
The Calm & Confident Support Community: 
This is where it's at and worth the price of the entire course! 
You’ll be fully supported in community by like minded women inside our private FB community. Here’s where you’ll find your prayer warriors and unwavering support for your journey. You aren't meant to go at it alone! This is also where I'll be answering any questions and providing full support. 

Weekly Accountability Emails: 
I'll be sending out weekly emails (six total) to help you stay focused, encouraged, and accountable. In these emails, I'll be coaching you through the modules and answering common questions that arise.
I come from the school of hard-knocks and plenty of grace, and I’m AVAILABLE for your questions, prayer requests and celebrations! I’m going to coach you (in love, always) and I don’t sugar-coat anything but cupcakes. We will grow together.  

Q1: I’m already crazy busy!! Will I actually have time to participate in this program??? How much time is it going to take? 

The fact that you consider yourself “crazy busy” is evidence that you need this program. I’m going to help you let go of frantic and busy  and embrace a lifestyle of rest and peace.  This course is laid out in simple to digest videos so you can easily listen while you're on the go. The sense of peace you’ll find after moving through this program is going to be worth far more than the limited amount of time you’ll invest in it. 

Q2: I’m afraid it’s selfish of me to spend this money on myself and buy this program.

Girl, you are buying right into Satan’s lies! He has done a number on faith-based women and convinced us that anything we put into our own personal development is “selfish” and “wasteful.” I’m taking a stand for the Kingdom and proclaiming that God wants us empowered! And we HAVE to take the time to be self-reflective and to establish our own spiritual rhythms to make the IMPACT that God desires us to have in the Kindgom! Additionally, you are getting the BEST deal when you enroll in this round of the program, because you’re coming in on our inaugural course! The price will NEVER be this low again. You are worth making this investment in yourself. 

Q3:What happens after I sign up? 

I’ll do a happy dance the second you join the program! THEN, you’ll get an email with your log-in details for our Kajabi course. You’ll also be sent a link to join our private FB group, where you can start connecting with your sisters in Christ! All of your instructions and support will be located inside the FB group and inside the Kajabi course. 
Q4: What if Calm & Confident isn’t what I was hoping it would be or it doesn’t fit my needs?
 I believe that the sales page explains in detail what you’re getting and the transformation you can achieve through Calm & Confident
However, if you feel that you’ve put in the work to see no results from this course, I’d be happy to give you a refund within 30 days of your purchase on the condition that you show ample proof of implementation. 

Just send an email to info@lindseynadler.com, and if you’re still within your 30 period, your request will be processed after proof of work done is provided.
Q5: What happens after I make my payment? 
You’ll receive a welcome email with details on how to access the Membership area (which holds the videos, workbooks, PDFs and bonus resource material) and a link to join the secret Facebook Support Community. Also, you’ll have another email with purchase receipt for your record. 
Q6: Will I have immediate access to all the training material or is it released on weekly basis?
You'll have instant access to all course materials! I do recommend you take it step by step, module by module. You'll receive focus emails from me over the course of six weeks as well. Remember you have LIFETIME access to this course including any updates. 
Q7: How will you provide support? Do I get direct access to Lindsey?
My team and I are here to help you however we can. You have 3 support channels to reach out to us:

1) Email us at info@lindseynadler.com
2) Ask for help in our Private Facebook Support Community, 

This, however, does not include 1-on-1 time with me (Lindsey) or group coaching. This is a self study program with the support of the Calm & Confident FB community. 

 Lindsey has a straight-forward no-nonsense approach that is so relatable and she is approachable. She is more concerned with our getting the heart knowledge (Understanding what the Bible says in a heart-felt emotional way)rather than just more head knowledge. We need to feel God’s love to know and understand it...not just memorize. 

If you are sitting on the fence, let me tell you that it is well worth your time and money! In one word....Life Changing(maybe 2 words!). I could not love Lindsey or respect her faithfulness any more than I do. She has a heart for teaching women about the love and grace of our Father! It is not about her ...it is ALL ABOUT HIM!!!

Dana O'Briant- Wife, Mother

The CALM CONFIDENCE You've Always Wanted is Available FOR YOU! 
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